"Here's exciting news for anyone who's given up searching for accurate Forex signals but failed miserably because it was too difficult, too complicated or just too time consuming!"

"Here's How To Make 75 - 500+ per Week Tax-Free Without Taking Big Risks Using My Time Tested  Forex Trading Strategy!"

Give me 30 days and I'll show you my easy-to-follow trading system that could bring you a life-changing new income without breaking sweat or guessing if you've made the right trade.
In fact I'll guarantee it!

 From the trading desk of Walt Kelly

Dear friend

If you're feeling frustrated becasue of regular losing Forex trades and you don't have the hours to spare or money to burn chasing another dead-end system... then may I suggest you keep reading.

Now, I realise that there are a lot of over-hyped promises and exaggerated claims made towards trading the currency markets, but if you can spare me a few minutes, I'll show you a simple way to trade copying the same system I use to trade my own account each week. And please don't worry, it's really not complicated and you should be up and running in 30 minutes or less.

The system I want to outline to you has been in operation for over 10 years now and has never had a losing year yet. The weekly strike rate of my Forex signals are continually high, as you'll see further down the page.

However, not long ago people like you and I used to be barred from trading in this 1.6 TRILLION pool. But all that changes - starting right now...

Before I go further, I want to make clear that this is a serious business and is not designed for those who are desperate to see instant results or those who want a glut of trades each week. My system is very simple and I haven't changed it in all the years of operation. Why? Because it works week after week and will continue to work as long as the currency markets keep running.

There's no software to buy or install, no technical charts or indicators to watch and you don't have to keep checking your emails every hour. In fact, the only thing you'll need to do is read my signal report once a week, copy the trades and that's it. Does this sound easy enough for you?

"It's now your turn to profit from Forex trading. Let the markets go up or down - we'll still make money!"

Now, I realise that you may be very busy and perhaps don't have the time or patience to spend researching the currency markets. Well, that's okay because this is where I come in!

Through my forex trading system, all you'll need to do is fire up your computer on a Sunday afternoon and check your email. That's when I send out my new set of accurate Forex signals, which you simply copy. It's so simple, even a 12 year old could do it!

The information that I'll send you is very easy to understand and is laid out in such a way that it's virtually impossible to screw up. No guessing, ifs or buts, just the exact same trades that I'll be placing in my trading account using my own money.

In fact, all you have to do is choose what you want to trade and copy my exact entry levels for the individual currency pairs. This way you don't have to work out the levels yourself, as I do all the donkey work for you, so you don't have to.

And by the way to be clear, I'm not offering any kind of financial advice, like what you should invest in or what currency pairs you should trade. I'm not qualified to give financial advice and therefore my signals are not to be confused with such. It's you alone who decides if you wish to trade the levels I provide or skip a week if it suits you better. 

So, just for a moment imagine obtaining the full details of a trading system that...

  • YOU slot into your week - letting you make an easy 25, 35, or even 75+ pips...
  • Is a 'no-brainer' way to trade currencies online with no complex charts, no fancy jargon, no signals to interpret. Just get my weekly email report, follow the simple instructions and grab your pips!
  • Is proven to work for currency newbie's and the more experienced. The conservative types can make a potential 75 to 200 each week, while the more brazen traders using higher stakes, can make in access of 500 a week... all completely TAX FREE...
  • You can repeat week after week to lock in double or TRIPLE digit profits with ease!

Wouldn't that be something else?

However, I realise that there are a lot of over-hyped promises and exaggerated claims regarding the Forex market and that you're somewhat sceptical of what I'm saying here. That's okay with me; you have every right to be sceptical. But please bear with me for a few minutes longer if you can...

I seriously believe I can help you can help you to make some really easy part-time income for just checking your email inbox each Sunday afternoon and noting down my signals. You'll have none of the tedious work to do like checking complex charts, analysing trends, working out the best buy and sell levels, not to mention the countless hours chained to your computer screen.

However, I'm not making any wild promises that you'll be making hundreds of thousands of pounds a year from my simple Forex system. I'll let the other scam artists do that if they will, as there's plenty of them around for sure in this game!

"Here's what I can promise you, if you're the tinyiest bit interested in trading the currency markets!"

Even if you've had little or no Forex trading experience whatsoever, I can almost guarantee that you'll make money from the currency markets in any week you choose and grab between 25 and 75 pips. And, if you live in the UK, any profits you make are completely tax free if you decide to use a spread trading company like I do.

And don't worry! If you live in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or anywhere else in Europe, you can still use my accurate Forex signals each week and still make the same profits as I do.

In fact, they can be used world-wide and are not solely restricted to UK trading.
To date, my signals have a very high strike rate and because of this, my own trades have been very successful.

Let me show you the strike rate for the four major pairs. They're based on both the Long and Short figures for each, thus equating to eight possible levels being hit, each week.

  Results for the last 6 months, since January 2020...
    • Jan - 72%  Feb - 67.32%  March - 77.12%  April - 64.5%  May - 59.37%  June - 61%
That's an average monthly strike rate of 66.88%, which I think you'll agree, is fairly impressive by any standards, with the other preceeding months being quite similar, the lowest never dipping below 71%.

In a way, my signal levels could be likened to the Lottery numbers, where you're matching 'X' numbers out of eight drawn, albeit I appreciate a lottery works differently, but I'm sure you get my drift.

Or let me put it another way...

Have you tried recently or at any time, predicted where the Long and Short levels would be, of any currency pair and been right, even for one level? If you have and can beat my predictions, then I guess it's time for you to leave this site, as you won't need my help.

And let me ask...

If you've subscribed in the past to similar services like mine, did they deliver the same high strike rate every week? I've a funny feeling that I know the answer to that.

"Use my signals to make easy TAX FREE profits"

Let me be straight with you...

With currency signals, you need to have a decent accuracy each week to make regular profits. I believe the levels I've shown you here stand up to this and can help you make some easy tax free money each week. You simply log in to your email each Sunday afternoon, download my one page report and copy the same trades I'll be using.

I've shown you how accurate my Forex signals are and their strike rate. However, you may be wondering how you could make some decent profits using them each week and if you need to spend hours looking at computer screens and fiddling with technical charts.

The short answer is... No!

If like me you decide to spread trade the signals, then initally you'll have two choices open to you. The first one is referred to as OCO orders, which stands for 'One Cancels The Other'. This type of trade is offered by most of the well known trading platforms and works really well with my system. In fact, if you decide to only trade using OCO orders and my signals, you'll do very well and will see profits coming in quite quickly.

The second way to use my signals is a real beazer...

It's called 'secondary trading' and takes advantage when the big players test the other side, i.e. the Long or Short level. Trades using this strategy are very fruitful and can deliver profits between 45 and 60 pips at any one time. It's actually my favourite, as the market is basically showing its hand and hinting where I should enter.

And another thing...

Any trades opened in a new session are never carried over to the next one. You'll normally be in and out of them in a few hours or by mid-week, but you'll never hold them past 8pm on a Friday night. This way you'll start each new session afresh with new levels and not have to worry about holding onto any open trades.

"You could get set up in 20 minutes and start earning money by the end of the day!"

If you're anything like me, when a profitable trading opportunity presents itself, you'll want to get straight down to earning money from it. Well, with my help and accurate Forex signals, you can do just that!

You won't be pouring over endless charts, forking out on expensive software, numerous books or attending impersonal hyped-up seminars. All the information you need to start making serious tax free money is contained in my Forex trading system. You'll get everything you need to get up and running, along with my personal 24/7 email support should you need it.

I've also put together a short 'quick-start' guide with past trade examples for you. This will give you visual information that you can follow and to make sure you understand my trading system. However, as my trades are really not that complicated, you may not need the guide and will be trading the next week.

And on the topic of help and support...

Have you tried to get help in the past or ask a question or two, only to find that your email is ignored for days and in some cases never even answered. In my case, I take support very seriously and strive to answer all emails within a 24 hr period or less. I feel this is the very least I can do for any member who is paying me a monthly fee and who expects help when required.

In fact, I'm so confident you'll make money using my trading system, I'm prepared to offer you a 30 day risk-free home trial. But more about that in a moment...

"Can you guarantee I'll make money?"

No, nobody can!

Like buying ordinary shares, financial betting carries a risk. You'll have to have patience and discipline to follow my system and make sure your 'emotional feelings' don't get in the way. In addition, I'm not giving financial advice, as my Forex signals are generated through a mathematical formula and by law I'm not qualified to give such advice.

And here's something else I want to make clear...

I won't promise that you'll make a minimum of 500 pips each month. That's silly talk and more fool you if you believe it. On the other hand, I take a more conservative approach and have real faith in my weekly signals. I'm more than confident that I can generate enough pips each month that you'll be more than pleased with.

Simply put, I'll show you how to make money by spread trading the Forex market - specifically the four major currency pairs, (i.e. EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CHF and USD/JPY). The pairs are widely traded each week by the big boys and so create movement in the markets. All we do is ride their coat tails and make some easy tax free cash whenever we want to.

"Why you don't have to take big risks to make big profits!"

Without coming across as being biased, my Forex trading system has been battle tested for the last 10 years and has stood up to some severe market movements. While other similar signal services fell by the wayside, my simple system is still going strong and doesn't look to be faltering anytime soon.

It is designed for simplicity and ease of use, it's uncomplicated and can be mastered by even a Forex newbie in just a few hours.

What makes my approach to trading Forex is the built in safeguards within my system. In my weekly report that you'll get each Sunday afternoon, I clearly give you the entry and exit levels. This way it takes all the guesswork out and lets you get on with trading the pairs that you choose.

But if a trade does go against you, (trading is about speculating and that means taking the occasional losing trade), the maximum you can lose is governed by your stop loss. This is proper trading and reduces your risk to a healthy level, instead of overtrading and being wiped out.

 "Age is immiterial to using my system, young or old, male or female!"

Of course, I don't want you to take my word for it. Here are some real success stories from just a handful of people who have used my Forex system.

Hello Walter

Thanks again for the signals at the weekend. I got 42 pips out of the GBP/USD in less than 2 hours on Monday morning. Keep up the good work!

Frank S (Liverpool)

Dear Walter

I want to thank you for the TRADING  STRATEGIES guidance which I found very informative. Just to let you know despite the difficult trading week I managed to make a net gain of 95 pips. I  am looking fordward to this incoming week with the signals you have sent.
Kind Regards
Philip K  (Belfast)


Thought I'd let you know that I made good profit this week from your signals. I'm 71 years old  and pleased that at my age I can use your system. Very happy so far since joining.

Thanking you

Hi  Walt

Thought you might enjoy a bit of good news from us for a change. Made 23 on Cable, trading 50p a pip, but then decided to run with the EUR/USD as I knew it would also hit your short, just made 69 at 50p a pip.................and I didn't even need to use the Idiots guide ha ha!

Many thanks,
Elayne. (Newtownards Co Down)

"What would you pay for a proven Forex strategy that could potentially make you 100 - 1500 in your first week?"

Okay, I realise there are plenty of Forex systems doing the rounds right now and that some are promising you instant riches overnight. If you've been looking at one or two recently, I'm sure they have at some stage made some attractive claims.

However, they may make some decent profits a few times, but overall very few  can sustain the high strike rate equivalent to my system and eventually you'll realise that their high monthly subscription fee doesn't match their trading performance.

With my currency trading system, you won't have such worries. That's because my weekly Forex signals hit their target with great accuracy and where you can cream off some easy tax free profits. Or let me put it another way to you...

It would be like me giving you eight lottery numbers each week, which had over a 75% chance of being drawn? How many times would you play with a percentage rate like that?

Anyway I could go on, but if you want to sample my Forex signals, it's going to cost you a lot less than you might imagine. I've kept the cost down for two very good reasons, which I believe you'll be very pleased and agreeable with.

I'm not greedy and although I could charge a lot more for my trading experience and accurate signals, I'm happy enough to let you join up for a very reasonable monthly cost and to show you how you can make a regular side income, just like I do.

So, should you decide to join my signal service, it's going to cost you a flat 37 per month. That works out to just 1.23 per day, which is a lot less than a Starbucks coffee and a bun.

There are no hidden catches, no threats of a price increase later; you can leave at any time that suits you and you can even get your money back in the first month, if for any reason you don't like my service.

Does this sound a fair deal to you?

In fact, compared to similar services you may have tried in the past, how many offered you such a low subscription price like mine and more importantly, a RISK-FREE 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you didn't like their service?

"What other costs are involved?"

Absolutely zero!

You've no software to buy, no data feeds to pay for and no books to purchase or study. All you'll need is access to the internet, a spread betting account which is free to open and my signal service. And as financial bets are Tax Free in the UK, you don't have to tell the tax man or declare any profits.

As far as trading platforms go, I use CityIndex for all my trades and there's plenty more to choose from. It's important that you choose a financial bookmaker that allows on-line trading and to place/change stops, which most do anyway.

However, even if you live outside of the UK, my system will still work for you if using a broker or other trading platform. It's the entry and exit levels that are most important and not how you place your trades.

"You've NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain by giving this a try!"...

I'm inviting you to try my Forex signal service without risk or obligation, in the comfort and privacy of your own home, for a whole 30 days. This will be ample time for you to put my currency signals to the test and see how much you could have made, trading any or all of the major pairs.

You'll get to see what it feels like to make consistent profits and have an on-the-side income drip-feeding into your bank account. Most importantly, you could soon be making anywhere between 150-500 per week tax-free, easily and without stress - no charts to watch, no fancy jargon to decipher, no boring analysis that puts you to sleep...

Just log on each Sunday afternoon, open your email, download my report and copy the same trades as I'll be making. Within a few days, you could easily be 'clicking yourself' to 25, 45, or 75 pips and all within an hour or two from opening a trade.

With such limited risk on your part, I urge you to subscribe TODAY and make sure you're in on my next alert. I truly believe that once you sample my Forex signals risk free 30 days, you'll be hooked.

You could even use your trial to paper trade my signals and see if I'm as good as I say I am!

To re-cap, here's what you can expect from my service...

  • Accurate Forex signals sent every Sunday afternoon via email
  • All buy and sell levels already worked out for you, saving you time
  • All technical charts analysed by me, so you don't have to
  • My unique 'pip pulling' built-in secondary strategy, that follows the big traders
  • A quick start guide to get you up and running in record time
  • 24/7 email support, should you need any help or advice 

"Still sitting on the fence?"

I hope you'll give my service a try and put my Forex signals to the test. I'm more than confident that you'll be able to make some decent profits, even in your risk-free 30 days.

However, if you're ultra cautious and want to play real safe, then you can just 'paper trade' the signals to see what you could have made. Either way, I think you'll agree that your risk factor in testing my signals out is extremely low.

And that's the way it should be!...

I'm sure by now you're
disillusioned with all the other hype and BS doing the rounds and somewhat sceptical about how much you can make trading the Forex markets. I don't blame you and if you feel a little that way about my service then that's okay, as I completely understand.

However, as a down to earth type of person, I haven't promised you'll make over inflated profits to get you excited. That type of talk is dangerous and something I won't entertain at any cost.

You've really only two decisions to make, which frankly are so easy for you to do right now and not tomorrow or next week.

Your first decision is to sign up for a risk-free 30 day trial. Test the accuracy of my currency signals and see how much you could have made.

Your second decision is just as easy! ...

Forget about my low cost Forex signal service and your risk-free trial, plod on as you've done before, losing money and searching for the perfect Forex system that you hope will make you rich. And then wonder what might have happened if you'd signed up to my service.

But that's not all...

You see, when you subscribe to my signal service... it's a condition that you must also accept this FREE bonus.

Your Free Bonus worth 19.97 

Gap Trading The Forex
How To Profit from a Forgotten Trading Strategy
that is "Right" 89% of the Time

Although my weekly Forex signals are extremely accurate and I'm more than confident that you'll make some decent profits, I want to give you something more to help you experience success within the next week.

In this short report, you'll quickly discover how and when to trade any currency pair at the opening of a new session, especially when they gap up or down.

This simple strategy has an uncanny accuracy, so much so that it's normally right 89% of the time. I've tried it many times myself and can attest to this statement.

A 19.97 value. FREE when you subscribe today!

Sign up today for your risk-free 30 day trial. You must be absolutely convinced that my Forex trading strategy has the potential to make you the kind of money I’m talking about. Paper trade the signals and see how much you could be making every week. If you decide to continue membership, but within 30 days you’re not happy with my service for any reason whatsoever, then I insist that you request a full 100% refund of your subscription fee. You will not be asked to show any proof whatsoever of trading to qualify.


If you're serious about wanting to trade the currency markets and make a regular side-income, then I urge you to sign up today. I'm making membership places strictly limited and I honestly mean that.

Given that I offer 24/7 email support, I can only do this by keeping membership numbers to a reasonably low level.

I've even made signing up as easy as possible for you too...

I use PayPal to handle all my subscription payments and so you can be sure of complete security from a trusted on-line payment processor.

Go ahead now and click the subscribe button below and gain instant access as a new member of my signal service.

To Your Success!



P.S. You are just one click and a few minutes away from knowing how to master the currency markets and make a regular income than you ever believed was possible.

P.P.S.  You may be skeptical about what you've read and that's totally understandable. But remember,
you are fully backed by my 30 DAY DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - you risk absolutely nothing by checking it out. Subscribe now! I'll take all the risk, so you don't have to.

P.P.P.S. Remember, when you join you'll be given a 'quick-start' guide to help you get started. Not that you'll really need it, as my system is very simple to use.